Knowing quality of stainless steel tableware, first has to really understanding the right shapes of it, then the key knowledge of Processing Steps , further of standards and final management.

    Holding the above, delicate and comfort tableware would sure come to your hand.


    By unremitting effort of our engineers and operators in the past twenty years, the  main production lines now have been largely operated by Robot Feeders or by semi automatic operating unit.
    Safety, Save, Precise, Efficient through out our machinery research and development all the way.






With such rich experience and technical expertise today, Eyesorder serves its customers in the following segments with the help of a specialized team of professionals:

1.Brands production: Some dozen high quality buyers from Italy, Greece, UK, French, Turkey and Russia keep buying from us for over 15 years to 20 years.

2.Quality Control: Which starts from finding the right factory for your products to designing development and controlling quality of production till the shipment.

3.Machinery: Supplies the full range of machines which are used to produce flatware. Take up even the complete Turn-key Project to set up the plant for clients worldwide.



Previous of Kaife was a table knife factory special in producing forge table knife to be matched up with some spoon and fork producer. He is now a brother company of Eyesorder, specialized in integrating those of individual  machinery maker that related to all cutlery processing for sake of Exporting of complete plant to the world.