Eyesorder was established in 2002. The founder of the company, Mr. Charlie Cai has been working with Flatware Research Institute on Quality and Techniques (FRIQT) as the departmental head for defining National Standards for flatware. He started his career at FRIQT in 1979 and by the time, he had many flatware experts in his panel who deployed their knowledge to develop a series of techniques / procedures and specialized machinery in flatware production. Today, these techniques and machines are widely used in factories not only in China, but also abroad in India, Egypt and Vietnam.


With such rich experience and technical expertise today, Eyesorder serves its customers in the following segments with the help of a specialized team of professionals:


1、Brands production: Some dozen quality buyers from Italy, Greece, UK, French, Turkey and Russia keep buying from us for over 15 years to 20 years.


2、Services: Which starts from finding the right factory for your products to designing development and controlling quality of production till the shipment.


3、Machinery: Supplies the full range of machines which are used to produce flatware. Take up even the complete Turn-key Project to set up the plant for clients worldwide. 

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